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Swipe & Rate dishes and discover new inspiration for your home cooking and plating. If you don't know what to cook, generate customized recipe in a blink.

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Swipe to your perfect plate

Unleash your inner food critic! Your opinions matter, shaping your culinary adventures with every swipe. Once a dish captivate your senses, ensure a constant source of inspiration for your next home-cooked masterpiece by saving it.

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No idea for your next dish?

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Easily generate customized recipes

Let our AI whip up culinary wonders to suit your tastes or surprise you with delightful randomness. Instantly generate and save your newfound favorites to your cookbook, ensuring every meal is a unique and delicious adventure!

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Become a better home chef

Step into the spotlight and show off what you've cooked! Not just for taste, but for presentation too. Share your dishes, gather ‘Yummy’ ratings, and let your creativity shine. Discover how your plating skills stack up and watch as you become the ultimate home cook, one dish at a time!